mining confined spaces

Confined Space Sentries

HazWatch Safety Services specialises in the supply, supervision and management of Confined Space Sentries and Standby personnel for shutdowns and daily hire. Although predominantly servicing the mining industry, we also service most other industries around Australia; small and large. If

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semi skilled labor hire

Semi Skilled Labour Hire

HazWatch Safety Services can supply skilled and semi skilled labour for shutdowns or on a daily basis. Trade and Semi-Trade Personnel We can supply trades and semi-trade personnel covering welding, general fitting, mobile spotters and other specialty areas including trades

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welding labour

Other Services and Information

Confined Space Management HazWatch Safety Services can also supply all of your Confined Space Management and supervisory needs as well as semi-skilled and trade-skilled personnel.   Mobile Equipment, Welding and Other Trades In addition, we can supply mobile equipment watchers/spotting,

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We also supply skilled and semi-skilled labour with current hazardous occupation tickets too. Contact our friendly staff for more information.

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Why Choose HazWatch Safety ?

Hazwatch Safety is a dynamic and flexible organisation that supplies Confined Space Sentry and Standby personnel for shutdowns or daily use. We can also supply semi-skilled and skilled trades personnel. We are here to help with your confined space entry needs so please contact us.
HazWatch Safety Services has a strong commitment to employing locally and ensuring that employees are appropriately trained for their duties. If you have skills in confined space and skilled and semi-skilled trade areas and are interested in working for HazWatch Safety, please contact us via email. We are keen to hear from you. Alternatively, call us now on 0400 668 716